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Gift Vouchers & Events

Gift Vouchers

A bip-Art gift voucher is a great gift idea – it can be used against any of our courses.


We aim to run a variety of exhibitions and events both in bip-Art and in external venues for our Members to participate in throughout the year.


Welcome to bip-Art

Artist Open House Trail

Each year we participate in the Artist Open House (AOH), Kemptown trail, held in May. To coincide with this, we run a Box Set event and from this curate an exhibition of Member’s work. We open to the public during the four weekends and invite our Members to print in the studio so the public can interact, ask questions and buy work from the artists.

bip-Art stand at the Battersea AAF

Affordable Arts Fair – AAF

For 15 years, we exhibited at Battersea park in London. The AAF was an opportunity for our Members to exhibit their work on an international stage. We had visitors from all over the world and a number of our Members were taken on by galleries or had their work bought for collections. It was a busy five days for us but was a rewarding and exciting event for all who participated.

bip-Art stand at Windsor Art Fair

Windsor Art Fair

We had a great exhibition of our Member’s work and spent a busy three days talking to the public, describing the joys of printmaking and advocating the beauty of an original, handmade print.

Other Events

Rugby World Cup Print

Newcastle Printmaking studio facilitated an attempt for the Guinness Book for Records to print the longest Lino print. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, they contacted 12 Printmaking studios in the cities that were hosting World Cup Rugby matches. We were offered the opportunity to take part as Brighton held matches at the Amex stadium. For the design, an image was split up into 12 sections and each of the 12 selected Printmaking studios were allowed to pick one section each. We were sent the Lino and the bare bones of the drawing and encouraged to add elements to the image that expressed our home city. We asked some of our Members to join us in the cutting out and printing of our section, which measured 3 metres by 1 metre. Once completed, the 12 Lino blocks were collected in Newcastle and laid end to end, down the length of the high street. The final image was 36m x 1m and was printed using a Scrum machine pushed by the local Rugby team.