Soft Woodcut, Linocut & Vinyl

Soft Woodcut Linocut & Vinyl with Helen Brown

Learn how to create colourful, relief images by creating blocks to print on the traditional, hand pulled Colombian and Albion presses. 

On this course you will have the opportunity to create blocks using Soft wood, Lino and Vinyl.

For beginners, the courses will begin with a ‘hands on’ demonstration, a talk to present the potential of the medium and the variety of techniques available. Correct use of the tools will be taught, with experimentation using a small block before moving onto personal designs. 

For those who are experienced or returning artists - participants will be able to further develop their imagery and techniques with individual guidance from the tutor.

The course will provide the opportunity to explore different Relief printing techniques, such as -

Blends of ink - blending two or more coloured inks together on the block

Chine Colle – the use of coloured papers 

Jigsaw – the cutting up of the block into interlocking pieces to enable multiple colours

Reduction – making multi-coloured, layered prints from one block by incrementally and systematically removing different parts of the block. 

Multiple blocks - using more than one block to make a layered image 

Textured printing - using found materials to add texture

On shorter courses, you will not have time to cover all the techniques above. These can be explored by taking further courses. 

Materials included in the Course - inks, Chine Colle papers, glue, two small starter blocks, rags, gloves and cleaning materials. 

Additional blocks and paper are not included and can be purchased from the studio. Block prices start at £1 and paper at 15p.

All courses are suitable for beginners and experienced artists, unless specifically listed as ‘Returning Students only’. Courses are short to allow participants to test the medium with the potential to take multiple courses, one after the other, to further develop their imagery using multiple, printing techniques. 

Small class size – 4/5 people

Helen Brown, is a Printmaker and teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching.

COVID-19 - Covid secure measures are in place in the studio at all times. Please wear a mask, unless you are exempt, your temperature will be taken on entry, wash your hands using the anti-bacterial soap and respect the social distancing rules.  Information will be given at the start of each course. Please see our Information page for full details.

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It is possible to take more than one course, one after another (or with a gap) and continue on to develop more advanced printing methods.

Weekly Course

Wednesday Evenings

6.30pm – 9.30pm

1st December - 8th December - 2 weeks - £60 - FULL

12th January 2022 - 19th January 2022 - 2 weeks - £60

26th January - 1 week - £30 -  returning students ONLY

2nd February - 9th February - 2 weeks - £60

23rd February - 2nd March - 2 weeks - £60 -  returning students ONLY


Or contact the studio to book this course

It is possible to take more than one course, one after another (or with a gap) and continue on to develop more advanced printing methods.

Thursday Mornings

10.30am - 1.30pm

2nd December - 16th December - 3 weeks - £90 -  returning students ONLY - FULL

13th January 2022 - 27th January 2022 - 3 weeks - £90

3rd February - 17th February - 3 weeks - £90

24th February - 3rd March - 2 weeks - £60

10th March - 1 week - £30 -  returning students ONLY

17th March - 24th March - 2 weeks - £60


Or contact the studio to book this course

It is possible to take more than one course, one after another (or with a gap) and continue on to develop more advanced printing methods.

Friday Mornings

10.30am - 1.30pm

10th December - 1 week - £30 -  returning students ONLY - FULL

 28th January - 4th February 2022  - 2 weeks - £60 -  returning students ONLY - FULL

18th February - 25th February - 2 weeks - £60


It is possible to take more than one course, one after another (or with a gap) and continue on to develop more advanced printing methods.

Weekend Course

Saturday & Sunday - 10.30am - 4.30pm

19th & 20th March - £160 - FULL

All our courses are for adults of 18 years old and over.


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Masks – Please bring a mask to wear when you are in the studio. As we are only

taking limited numbers of artists in the studio, you should be able to remain at a distance

from the other people. If you are working in an area on your own or are the only person in

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To adhere to the current COVID-19 guidance, we have the following rules in place:

1 - Only come to the workshop, if you are feeling well and have shown no signs of the virus in the last 14 days. 

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4. On entry to the studio, please immediately wash your hands using the anti-bacterial handwash. 

5 - Please keep two meters away from the other people in the workshop at all times. If you need to walk through the workshop to the sink, office, paper cutter, drying boards and so forth, please ensure your mask is on and communicate your intention verbally or visually, if you need to pass another person in the room. Please ensure the other person has acknowledged your presence and has moved to a safe distance before you pass. 

6 - Do not approach Staff members or enter the office, please respect the two metre rule. 

7 - If you are booked on a course but due to COVID-19 symptoms, feel unwell on the day, please email or ring us to cancel. We will hold your missed session as credit for you to attend on a different day. 

8 - Please provide us with your mobile number, in case we need to cancel you at short notice. We will be adhering to the above rules too and will only attend, if we are well and show no symptoms of the virus.



While we will do our best to clean and sterilise the communal areas and to keep the workshops as safe as we can, we emphasise that you enter at your own risk. 

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class at some point in the future.

Other reasons - If, within 14 days or less of the course start date, you cancel your place on

the course because you cannot attend, the full course fee is non-refundable unless we

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