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Due to recent statements released from the Government with regards to the COVID-19 virus, we are temporarily closing the studio. If are booked on a course, you will receive an email regarding the postponement of your course. If you wish to book a future course, please be in touch via email to discuss.

We will be updating course dates when we have more information.
Please bear with us during this difficult time.


How to become a Member of bip-Art Printmaking studio

Adults, over the age of 18, are welcome to become a Member of bip-Art. This allows use of the studio facilities through an Open Access system. 

In order to be eligible for Membership, you must be proficient in the printmaking area you wish to work in. 

If you are already an experienced Printmaker, we offer free inductions before joining*. We ask you to bring in some prints so we can assess the techniques you have used to gain an idea of the level of your experience and we take you around the studio to cover the Health and Safety aspects. There is no teaching in this induction.

If you have not worked in a printmaking environment recently and need a refresher, we advise taking a course and once you feel confident to work without Tutor Support, you can have an Induction. Please be aware that you may need to take more than one course before you are confident to work in the Open Access sessions.

Membership costs £50 for a year, £35 for six months or £15 a day plus an hourly fee.

The hourly rate is £8, unless you buy a five hour card for £35. You do not have to use all five hours at the same time, e.g; if you book for two hours, we cut two hours from your card, which leaves you three hours for your next session. The minimum amount of time you can book is 30 minutes. The card is kept in the office. We do not offer concessions as we have made the price as reasonable as we can manage. 

While there is always a Supervisor in the studio, Open Access sessions are untutored so the individual needs to be confident and safe enough to work independently.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss becoming a Member.

*If you wish to join the screen-Art for screen printing on paper and fabric, please note screen-Art is a separate business and has different induction procedures. Please contact us for more information or see the screen-Art website for more details here.

*Non-attendance and Short notice cancellation of Open Access - Due to the recent number of short notice cancellations and non-attendance for booked slots for some Open Access bookings, for bookings in the Relief area, we will now charge for the hours booked, regardless of whether you attend or use them all. In the Etching and the Litho area, we charge for cancellations made with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice of the start time of the slot booked. The hours will be removed from your card. Thank you for your co-operation.*