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How to become a Member of bip-Art Printmaking studio

Adults, over the age of 18, are welcome to become a Member of bip-Art. This allows use of the studio facilities through an Open Access system. 

In order to be eligible for Membership, you must be proficient in the printmaking area you wish to work in. 

If you are already an experienced Printmaker, we offer free inductions before joining*. We ask you to bring in some prints so we can assess the techniques you have used to gain an idea of the level of your experience and we take you around the studio to cover the Health and Safety aspects. There is no teaching in this induction.

If you have not worked in a printmaking environment recently and need a refresher, we advise taking a course and once you feel confident to work without Tutor Support, you can have an Induction. Please be aware that you may need to take more than one course before you are confident to work in the Open Access sessions.

Membership costs £50 for a year, £35 for six months or £15 a day plus an hourly fee.

The hourly rate is £8, unless you buy a five hour card for £35. You do not have to use all five hours at the same time, e.g; if you book for two hours, we cut two hours from your card, which leaves you three hours for your next session. The minimum amount of time you can book is 30 minutes. The card is kept in the office. We do not offer concessions as we have made the price as reasonable as we can manage. 

While there is always a Supervisor in the studio, Open Access sessions are untutored so the individual needs to be confident and safe enough to work independently.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss becoming a Member.

*If you wish to join the screen-Art for screen printing on paper and fabric, please note screen-Art is a separate business and has different induction procedures. Please contact us for more information or see the screen-Art website for more details here.

*Non-attendance and Short notice cancellation of Open Access – If you are unwell, displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or if somebody in your household or someone you have been in contact with, has the virus or is showing signs of the virus, within the last 14 days, please let us know and do not attend the studio. We will not charge you for short notice cancellation in this circumstance.
We are limiting the availability of Open Access in order to follow current advice regarding Social Distancing. This has reduced the number of people able to attend Open Access sessions so we ask you to honour all bookings, with the exception of illness. *

Safety rules during COVID-19

Masks – Please bring a mask to wear when you are in the studio. As we are only taking limited numbers of artists in the studio, you should be able to remain at a distance from the other people so we will not be enforcing a mask wearing policy for your whole session. If you are working in an area on your own or are the only person in the room, you do not have to wear a mask. However, if you are talking to someone, walking through the studio or if there are other people in the same area, we will expect you to wear a mask, unless you are exempt. 

Please read and adhere to the following:

1 - Are you feeling well?

If no, please return home.

If yes, then welcome.

2 - Have you shown any signs of the virus in the last 14 days?

If yes, please return home.

If no, then welcome.

3 – Has somebody in your household or someone you have been in contact with shown signs of the virus, within the last 14 days?

If yes, please return home.

If no, then welcome.

4 - On arrival at the studio, please immediately wash your hands using the anti-bacterial handwash.

5 - Please keep two meters away from the other people in the workshop at all times. If you need to walk through the workshop to the sink, office, paper cutter, drying boards and so forth, please communicate your intention verbally or visually, if you need to pass another person in the room. Please ensure the other person has acknowledged your presence and has moved to a safe distance before you pass.

6 - Do not approach Staff members or enter the office, please respect the two metre rule. 

7 - If you have booked an Open Access session but feel unwell in arrival, please return home.

We will not charge you for short notice cancellation during this time.

9 - We reserve the right to refuse access, if on arrival, you are visibly unwell or coughing.

     We reserve the right to ask you to leave, if you are unable to adhere to the above Safety 


Thank you, we appreciate your co-operation.

Your adherence to the above rules, will allow us to remain open and to keep everybody safe in the workshop.